Meet Luna

Luna is a Ragdoll who is simply beautiful with her lioness look and beautiful eyes. She is a cuddle bug at night but during the day she is all about the play!!! Luna loves to be around her humans but does not feel she has to be on your heels. The baby has a big appetite....if it smells good then she is ready to try it. (Although she does not always get to) !!!!❤️❤️

Facts About Me
  • Age 20 weeks
  • Nicknames Luna bug, Thumper (due to her quick and very loud feet)
  • Dislikes Luna is not crazy about outside as she is an indoors baby. Miss Luna does not like closed doors as she always wants to be around her humans.
  • Foods Tiki cat
  • Pastimes Play, Play, Play
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  • How adorable!
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