Mister Pink

Domestic Shorthair

Meet Mister Pink

Mister Pink is a pale orange Tabby who moved into our chicken coop last summer. We have two other Gingers and it took a while for Mom to figure out he was not them. After a couple months of feeding him, Mom finally won his trust. When it got really cold, he decided to come inside. At first he was nervous. Now it's like he was born to it. He comes and goes as he wishes, unless the weather is bad. He is surrounded by love, food, and a couple bros, Milton &Cooper, who think he's awesome.

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Mister Peeeenk!, Mister Stink (only called so by Archie, who isn't too thrilled he moved into the house.
  • Dislikes Mom not letting him out when he wants out. Also, wet food that is not Friskies.
  • Foods Tuna, Friskies, whatever the chickens are eating.
  • Pastimes Eating, hanging out with the backyard chickens, sneaking out the door after Mom says, "No."
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