Mister Wilson

Tabby cat

Meet Mister Wilson

Mister Wilson loves to be naughty. He is also refered to as, naughty pirate,  due to his war wound of a cat brawl that left him with a pierced ear. He's a interesting fellow, as a kitten he snuck into the hood by the engine to keep warm. Unknowing he hitch hiked a ride to a family that had no interest in a cat, but they fell in love with his small kitty head. Misters since grown into his small kitty head:). It's his way, or...poop in unwanted areas..he can be such a pirate.

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Mister/ naughty / pirate/
  • Dislikes The vet and the kennel
  • Foods Wet food
  • Pastimes Catching mice, having the humans give me love
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