American Short Hair

Meet Mittens

Mittens is a cat who likes to play music.She started out playing with the wind chimes and got up to the point where she presses buttons on childrens books that play music.It's true,our family has all seen her do it.Recently,her music book broke, and she has been looking for it. And,when she finds it on a low shelf, she tries to play it but nothing happens. She gets quite disapointed at this.She also loves to drag her water dish across the floor and then sop it up with a towel.

Facts About Me
  • Age 19 months
  • Nicknames Mittys, Pooky and Grammie's Pretty Girl
  • Dislikes Beeing picked up and children who run and scream.
  • Foods Tuna and hair ball control treats from "Temptations"
  • Pastimes Playing music, playing in her cat tube and on her cat tower,Sleeping and Eating.
Cats Like Me
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