Blue-Mitted Ragdoll

Meet Mittens

Mittens is a delightful kitty. He has a STUNNING blue-mitted coloring and his paws are dainty with fluffy white and smokey-colored fur. His overall defining feauture would have to be his face because he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! As a 12 week-old kitten (when I first got him), he was very petite and his feautures werent developed yet. But as he grew, his face color grew darker into a smokey color with a beautiful and VERY SOFT coat.

Facts About Me
  • Age 14 months
  • Nicknames Mitty, Mitty-Kinz, Rags
  • Dislikes Vacuum Cleaner Noises (any loud noises in general)
  • Foods Mixed Kibble
  • Pastimes Eating, Sleeping, Playing (everything!)
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