Mix between farmers cat and Siamese

Meet Mittens

Mittens used to be a stray. The local animals shelter found him and took him in, later on I adopted him. Mittens is a shy boy. He's afraid of loud sounds and guests. Mittens is a smart and social cat that trusts me and my mother only. He never bites and tend to answer a "hello" with "mama" or "myo?" His sister Muffins always tend to annoy him by licking him as a hobby. Whenever I get close his tail always gets up like "ding!"

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Mitt, Bitten
  • Dislikes Sound,bath, guests, getting cleaned by his sister, stink, the outside
  • Foods Everything, but chicken the most. Grilled chicken, from the oven cooled down with a little water.
  • Pastimes If mittens could speak his quote would be "food is life"
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