Grey Tuxedo

Meet Monte

Monte is a 2 year old rescue cat who wears his tuxedo every day! His favorite foods are lettuce and marshmellows (only on special occassions) and he enjoys fetching catnip mice. In his spare time he likes to destroy phone chargers and can be very talkative, especially when he wants lettuce.    

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames Mont Mont, Babe & Fluffy Kitteh
  • Dislikes Being held, being photographed, loud noises (sneezes and the garbage disposal), other pets, closed doors
  • Foods Fancy Feast (Tuna with Greens), lettuce, marshmellows, cotton candy, bread & pasta
  • Pastimes Eating bugs, playing with toys, napping, talking, and playing games
Cats Like Me
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