DSH Silver Torbie

Meet Morrigan

Feisty, adorable pitbull of a cat who will bite anything (compensation for trimmed nails), and play endless games of fetch with balled up wrappers, papers, and twist ties. She doesn't meow, but squeaks, chirps, and gurgles her heart out to tell you that she's back with her quarry and wants it thrown again. She's enough dog to sit, shake, and scratch to go in and out, yet enough cat to still live for sunbeams and warm beds over the heat vents.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Mo, Stretchypants, Wee Beastie
  • Dislikes Seeing strange cats outside the window, scary new anythings coming into her house
  • Foods All and lots of it
  • Pastimes Exercising her jaw muscles
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