Domestic Tabby

Meet Mowgli

I found Mowgli at 2 weeks old in the butterfly garden at the school that I work at. I took him and bottle fed him. He grew up with his dog brother, Baloo, taking good care of him. They are best buds. I also TNR\'d Mowgli\'s mother when I finally found her and she continues to be a stray at my school. I continue to feed her, but she\'s feral. Mowgli taught me about rescue groups, feral cats, and the TNR process. He\'s a dream ! As Baloo said in the movie, \"What\'d I tell you? He\'s special.\"

Facts About Me
  • Age 1.5 years
  • Nicknames Mowger
  • Dislikes Cat Treats
  • Foods Fresh Shrimp
  • Pastimes Hanging with his Best Bud, Baloo
Cats Like Me
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