Mr Papa

Domestic Longhair/Tuxedo Cat

Meet Mr Papa

Mr papa was the most caring and smartest kitty I knew, he was so active, he was a fat boy, he also really loved to cuddle with his sisters to keep them warm and protected. Mr Papa also loved His mother Princess, Mr Papa and his sister's, Mrs Savage and Mrs Indica all took after their momma on hunting, they even learned a whole bunch of things from their own mom, Princess actually taught her own Kids safety from a dog, bird calls, hunting, etc.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 months
  • Nicknames (Fat Boy, LoverBoy)
  • Dislikes He doesn't like sharing his live rodent toys with his sister.
  • Foods Wet cat food, treats, fresh cat food, and dry food.
  • Pastimes Mr papa playing with a live garden snake with his sisters for the first time.
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