Ms. Kitty


Meet Ms. Kitty

Ms. Kitty is a sweet loving cat. She has a very unique meow (it’s more like a squeak). I adopted her from a breeder that didn’t want her anymore due to her having kittens and not mothering to them, which made all Ms. Kitty’s kittens pass away. The breed got her fixed and immediately wanted to sell her. This made me want to take her home and give her the correct loving she needed. Ms. Kitty has been the best cat I’ve ever had and I am blessed she is part of my life.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Dislikes Loud noises
  • Foods Dry and wet cat food. She doesn’t care for human food
  • Pastimes She fell into our trash can one time thinking the top was back on
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  • How adorable!
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