Meet Nahla

Nahla was found out in the cold in the forest. She was very cold and hungry too. Thankfully, she was picked up by our local shelter. Later on, her caretaker Kimberly, who was wonderful and fostered her, realized she had an eye problem. When my parents went over to the shelter, they weren\'t connecting. Kimberly brought out Nahla. As soon as she sneezed on my dad (from her eye troubles) we knew she needed a home. She looked up at us weakly and meowed. We gave her medicine and she is doing great.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5
  • Nicknames Pretty kitty, Her majesty
  • Dislikes Like most cats, Nahla does not being told no. She doesn\'t like many foods other than her favorites. What she really doesn\'t like, is when we are gone. She misses her cuddle buddies!
  • Foods Tuna, turkey, any fish, temptations cat treats.
  • Pastimes Cuddling with humans and eating.
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