Nahla, Special Needs Kitty (Eye issue)

Tabby, I believe she may have a hint of Burmilla in her

Meet Nahla, Special Needs Kitty (Eye issue)

Nahla was a rescue cat, who was found with a bad eye. Sadly she was sick when we got her and had eye surgery. Thankfully, we got her care and medicine. As soon as my father picked her up, she sneezed on him from her eye! My parents were looking for a cat, and knew she needed a good home. I was surprised by Nahla after School and we cuddle together almost every night! She is my everything. She helps with anxiety and my autism too. Nahla is almost a service kitty to me, in a way. I love Nahla

Facts About Me
  • Age 6, going on ROYALTY.
  • Nicknames Pretty kitty, Her majesty, Squeakers, Nahla Baby
  • Dislikes Like most cats, Nahla does not being told no. She doesn\'t like many foods other than her favorites. What she really doesn\'t like, is when we are gone. She misses her cuddle buddies! Nahla is not a big fan of our other cat and she is not fond of the dog. She thinks she is royalty and the dog is her humble servant.
  • Foods Tuna, turkey, any fish, temptations cat treats. She likes most meats and almost anything that has fish. Fish has always been a favorite of Nahla\'s. Oh, she likes imitation crab meat. Nahla will eat that
  • Pastimes Lots of things, Mainly Cuddling with humans and eating. She loves being the center of attention, and she will talk all day long with meowing, especially when she hasn\'t been fed! (Sometimes she lies about being fed too!)
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