Nicka & Sonia

Scottish Fold

Meet Nicka & Sonia

Nicka has very loud demanding meow\'s and Sonia you can barely hear her, once I closed her in a closet and did not notice she was not around I had to backtrack what I did that morning before I found her 3 hours later. I have had Sonia for 3 years now and then about a year ago I acquired Nicka, Sonia\'s mother but by then they did not remember one another not as close now as in the photo. My favorite photo! My sweet fur gotta love them!!

Facts About Me
  • Age Nicka-7, light color (Mother), Sonia-4 (Daughter)
  • Nicknames MaMa Nicka & Miss Priss (Sonia)
  • Dislikes Not lap cats at all, and nail trims
  • Foods Still working on that picky, picky, picky
  • Pastimes Playing with the laser light and fuzzy balls & sitting on the window perch watching the world go by and chattering at the birds
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