Odin and Thor

Norwegian Forest Cats

Meet Odin and Thor

Pictured here, Odin (Forestdolls Odin the Chief) and Thor (Forestdolls The Mighty Thor) are supervising me putting up fall decorations . . . something they do well (supervising that is).  In addition to supervising, Odin and Thor like eating (especially tuna and treats), sleeping (especially in the sun), and playing with their toys (pretty much anything in the house is "their" toy).  Oh, and they also like waking me up at odd times of the night or early morning.  They

Facts About Me
  • Age 2 years (10/9/12)
  • Nicknames Odin is often called "Odie;" however, Thor is just Thor.
  • Dislikes None
  • Foods They're good eaters. They like tuna or hard cat treats. Odin isn't much of a people food eater. Thor, however, likes the occasional scrambled egg or small piece of french toast. Both like a little cooked chicken.
  • Pastimes Besides eating, sleeping and playing? They like to wrestle with one another.
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