American Shorthair - Tabby

Meet Opio

Opio always uses his litter box. Opio knows the sound of my high-heels when I'm walking down the sidewalk and jumps in the window to greet me. Opio does not like his whiskers touched, but loves a mani/pedi. Opio had a sister that I did not choose to also adopt.  My greatest wish is to find her. I call her "Op-phelia".        

Facts About Me
  • Age 9
  • Nicknames Opie, Loafio, Pie-Oh, Bubba, Puds
  • Dislikes Brown, Dry Food. The broom. Taking out the trash. Fear of laundry falling on him.
  • Foods Taco meat, strawberries, Strawberry Slim Fast, strawberry yogurt, refried beans and anything but "failure pile in a sadness bowl" (a.k.a dry food in cat food dish).
  • Pastimes Watching Construction! He is glued to the window when the great City of Chicago is out cleaning our streets, repaving, or doing work on the sewers.
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