Meet Oscar-Cee

An innocent, fancy man, and very affectionate cub, Oscar enjoys basket-sitting, yoga, and hallway exploring.  If you are ill or injured, he is a dedicated nurse with his purring and snuggling healing powers.  Oscar would like to rid the world of elastic bands.  Sadly, he does not understand his tail, which is extraordinary. He and his brother Charlie were born in a chicken coop in Terrace BC and adopted via Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue. They wrestle daily as true bros..

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames El Fido, Little White Lion, Little Cub, Marshmallow Man,Toe-Furs, Puppy-Cat
  • Dislikes Elastic bands, the neighbour's cat, You sleeping late, You ingnoring me, My brother winning wrestle-time
  • Foods What's for dinner/breakfast/now?
  • Pastimes Wrestling with Charlie, snuggles, window watching, basket munching, hallway exploring
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