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Meet P.S.

Princess Sparkle (or P.S. as her minions call her) showed up on our doorstep a pregnant mess and decided to make herself at home. Now a healthy and perfectly groomed indoor kitty she spends her days sunning herself and reading classic literature and happily ruling over her Kingdom of two dogs and a fellow cat. The Moral of the story? Careful what you name the cats you take in and plan to re-home, you may end up keeping them and having a cat named after a plastic horse in a 2003 teen tv drama.

Facts About Me
  • Age A lady never tells
  • Nicknames P.S., Anya
  • Dislikes Anyone touching her tail. No seriously, don't do it.
  • Foods Popcorn and chicken.
  • Pastimes Striking fear into the hearts of all the other animals in the house to keep them in line
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