Domestic Shorthair

Meet Pistachio

For such a small cat, Pistachio knows what he wants and isn\'t shy about vocalizing his opinions! He loves to play, and will meow for his favorite toys to be thrown so he can fetch them. Sneezing is forbidden, and he will scold anyone that does with a sharp \"MEOW!\" But as forceful as he can be, he is a bundle of sweetness. He loves sitting on his humans and demanding snuggle-time. If you make eye contact with him from across the room, he\'ll start purring immediately, just with a look.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Mustachio, Chicka-Banana-Pants, Baby-Pants
  • Dislikes Being ignored, being touched with wet hands, and people sneezing
  • Foods Pork chops & lobster
  • Pastimes Chasing his brother and bird-watching
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