Meet Pixel

Pixel is a delightful and devilishly mischevious kitty whom we adopted from the Humane Society in Oregon. My 20-year-old cat that had emigrated here with me from Ireland had just passed after a second stroke, and I felt the need for another kittypanion. I went to the Humane Society and didn\'t connect with the cats there until one of the staff said \'Hey, we just got a little guy back from a family who adopted him two weeks ago, turns out they\'re allergic to him, wanna meet him?\" and that as t

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 months
  • Nicknames Pixelicious
  • Dislikes other cats and big dogs, being told no.
  • Foods Cat food, chicken, (all people food although he\'s not allowed) San Pellegrino water, (also not allowed) his cat food is Blue Buffalo
  • Pastimes sleeping, chasing lasers, playing, eating chicken, climbing on everything, being cute and adorable.
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