Meet Reddy

He is a rescue cat from the GHS and he has come such a long way. Before he would hide now when I come home I can hear him running down the stairs at full speed, then he sees me and it is so funny cuse he stops and it is almost like he is thinking....wait, I don\'t do this....why did I run to her.....then I get down and he gives me his belly for rubbing. I can finally pick him up and hold him and he looks at me again, like, huh, I should leave, but the rubbing feels so good I\'ll cuddle for a bit

Facts About Me
  • Age 3.5
  • Nicknames Brave Boy
  • Dislikes Other CATS!
  • Foods Anything wet & yummy
  • Pastimes Sleeping (Just like his owner!)
Cats Like Me
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