Meet Rivka

When I was a kitten, I was a full-time princess; then, I was tormented by a hateful dog -- now I'm a sweet, loving, affectionate kitty & sometimes still a princess. I have a few spots i call my throne; it better be free of clutter or I'll let you know it. I'm very friendly & I'll greet you at the door when you visit. The food Mommy makes in the kitchen smells so good, I want some even tho' I have my own food. Daddy's on a machine at nite. When it screams, he's in trouble, so I wake up Mommy.

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames Miss Meow-Meow, Pretty-Little-Girl-With-a-Curl, Rivka-Sweet
  • Dislikes Vacuum cleaner, wind chimes, the cat carrier
  • Foods Treats
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