Scottish Fold

Meet Roxy

I call her my soul kitty. She is my everything! She has the most living personality. Jumping up and standing on her back legs begging for pets. I have never had a Scottish Fold but boy their personalities are so sweet. I have three of them but Roxy is my favorite. She literally picked me as mom. It was a very cold October. I open the front door at work and she came in and laid on my foot the rest of the day! She almost never meows. She scratches at the window to come in from her back yard play.

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Lover lips, cuddly buskmmmmk
  • Dislikes Wet food of any kind!! She doesn’t have too many dislikes ?
  • Foods Frisky treats, ice cream, yogurt, cuddling with mom
  • Pastimes Watching birds in the back yard, punishing you if you miss petting her during jumps for loves, sleeping in the silliest position
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