Sabra LionLips Lido

Golden tabby

Meet Sabra LionLips Lido

Sabra has had a very unique life. As a kitten, he hitched a ride on a tractor to a farm belonging to a tiger trainer and lived there a couple of years. After I lost my first therapy cat to seizure I had the great fortune to come across that trainer who was looking to re-home him. Consequently, he was delivered to me from 100 miles away and my life has been lit up ever since. He has his own page and he has all of my heart. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 10
  • Nicknames Rajah, Lion, the Lips
  • Dislikes the smoke alarm
  • Foods Dental treats, Wilderness, cream cheese and cottage cheese
  • Pastimes Laying around watching the birds, teasing squirrels , sleeping
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