Señor Fancy Socks

Tuxedo Cat

Meet Señor Fancy Socks

Señor Fancy Socks is full of attitude and very judgemental. However he Is the most loving and faithful cat you will find. He only sleeps on the bed by me and will not go to bed no matter how late until I am there. When his Chewy boxes come in, he sits and rolls on them until they are opened. You CANNOT hide treats from him because no matter how well you think they are hidden he WILL find them (Even if they are high up). He had a chance to escape out a broken window as a kitten and chose not to.

Facts About Me
  • Age 7
  • Nicknames Socks
  • Dislikes When we stay up too late
  • Foods Chicken and Salmon
  • Pastimes Treats, climbing into cabinets, laying in the bathtub/sink
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