Shanina, aka \"Sugar Bunny\"

Maine Coon/Long Haired Gray Tabby (Savannah Mix)

Meet Shanina, aka \"Sugar Bunny\"

Because I was rescued at 1 day old, I was bottle fed and raised by people! I open cupboards, make eye contact when I am spoken to or when I have something to say, and I think I am a person! I\'m a very good kitty!

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 yrs
  • Nicknames Kiki, Shakira, Bunny, Puppy-Cat
  • Dislikes Cans that spray things! (Yikes!) Garage Doors! (Very Scary!) Strangers! (Help! Stranger Danger! Run!)
  • Foods Milky Treats & Licky Treats! Then can pate\' and last - Iams Dry food!
  • Pastimes Pulling all socks out of sock drawers wherever I go, Needing to know what\'s in every bag and purse I see, following mommy everywhere she goes, exploring new places, running up and down trees like a squirrel, and taking baths!
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