Skemmy scoozers

Tuxedo Cat

Meet Skemmy scoozers

Skemmy Scoozers is an amazing cat! He is very funny and always makes people laugh. When he does not get his food on time, he becomes very aggressive. He has been put on a weight loss regiment after his adolescent months where he became too fat! He is now puuuuurfect!

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Skoomer, Skemmy Jo, Skemmy sue, Boy Boy,
  • Dislikes Toys without catnip/silvervine, not having food shared with him
  • Foods Strawberries and Goldfish
  • Pastimes Sunbathing and sleeping and fetching tinfoil balls
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
  • 🐱
  • 😻
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