Domestic Short Hair

Meet Sky

I have had Sky since she was 7 weeks old. She is now at the age of 9 months. She is the best pet you could ask for. She is so loving, she sounds like a little generator when she purrs, she comes and kisses you on the nose if youre sad, she always wants cuddles.Her eyes always melts my heart. She is a full black cat with a little bit of white on her tummy and a little bit of white under her chin. Her mum was a tabby cat and her dad was a black cat so she was a bit of tabby mixed in her black fur

Facts About Me
  • Age 9 months
  • Nicknames Sky Bobbies, Bobbykins, Generator, Sober Chops
  • Dislikes Loud Noises, Being picked up when wanted to go out
  • Foods Dreamies and Chicken and Cat Yoghurts and Cat Treat Sticks
  • Pastimes Playing outside stalking her prey
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