Smoke and Lacey Jane

Smoke is non specific and Lacey Jane is Himalayan/Siamese

Meet Smoke and Lacey Jane

I found Smoke at a yard sale 5 years ago as a kitten. He has a little grey heart on his chest. He is about 20 lbs, very mello and the coolest cat in PA. He really loves his daddy, and is always in his way. Lacey Jane is a blue eyed 4 yr old beauty and was the only survivor of a litter of 4 whose mama was hit by a car when they were 4 wks old. She also plays mommy to our newest rescue Cameo (got her at 6 wks) who is now 4 months old. 

Facts About Me
  • Age Smoke is 5 and Lacey Jane is 4
  • Nicknames Smoke,Smokers, Smokebomb; Lacey Janers, REE REE
  • Dislikes Smoke and Lacey both dont "get" no, water and spray bottles
  • Foods Smoke adores Ranch dressing, potato chips and strawberries; Lacey likes cheese puffs(orange only,plz) and anything else she can get her teeth in
  • Pastimes napping where ever they want, watching the outdoor kitties and chasing springs
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