Meet Snickers

Snickers is a 5 month old kitty cat. She enjoys stomach rubs and cottage cheese. She loves to get on her owner's shoulder even though she can't fit on her shoulder anymore. She was very tiny as a kitten and could fit on her owner's shoulder as a kitten. She doesn't want to except the fact that she isn't a kitten anymore. She meows for her owner when she is hungry. Meow cottage cheese and milk please. She is going to be a excellent hunter when she is older. This picture shows her relaxing

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 months old
  • Nicknames Snick Snickers Alligator baby
  • Dislikes Toys that you shake Loud noises thunderstorms
  • Foods Cottage cheese cat treats
  • Pastimes Meowing eating cottage cheese owner's shoulder
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