black and white short hair tuxedo

Meet Spunky

This is our beautiful blind cat Spunky! We rescued him from the middle of a 3 lane highway. scoulding pavement, cars flying by. My husband jumped out and ran and got him. barely 3 weeks old, very sick, and blind. with nursing and lots of meds, and round the clock care, he is a very healthey, very smart, does not realize he is blind cat.I am so amazed by him. i did not expect for a blind cat to come into my life that day, but i am so happy he did. I feel i am blessed to be able to lo

Facts About Me
  • Age 44
  • Dislikes anyone who doesnt treat animals with respect.
  • Pastimes taking care of our rescued animals. we have 2 deaf pits, 3 cats, 1 with 3 legs, 1 blind,1 boston terrier, and a tiny chi.
Comments (1)
  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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