Domestic Shorthair

Meet Stella

Stella, or as she is lovingly known by her nickname; Scoopies is the most loving cat. It’s so amazing considering how cats have a reputation for solitude. In fact she earned the name Scoopies becuse she loves to be scooped up and cuddled. I found her as a stray kitten, maybe no more that 2 months old. She is a little on the small side compared to other cats but she has a BIG personality and has such a light in her eyes. She truly is the love of my life.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6
  • Nicknames Stelly. Scoopies.
  • Dislikes Cold! She does not like to be cold. Closed doors, and when her daddy leaves her for too long.
  • Foods Temptations!
  • Pastimes Chasing and hunting. Napping. Climbing.
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