domestic white female

Meet Sugar

We rescued sugar when she was 5 months. She was dropped off at a humain society in a card Bord box with a mix of other kittens. She was very scared, quiet, timid when we brought her home. She kept hiding and running away. She warmed up to us and started to get comfortable. She has our other cat to play with. Sugar is an amazing and beautiful, kind, loving cat and is very happy with her life. She is a very special little girl to us. Each day she makes us smile. All animals deserve a loving home!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 years old, April 19th
  • Nicknames Sugarbum
  • Dislikes The vaccume, the broom
  • Foods temptations cat treats, cat food, piece of shrimp, tuna, wet food
  • Pastimes Playing with our other cat, she cuddles with her too! Playing with her toys, playing with us. Sleeping in the sun, looking out the window!
Cats Like Me
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