Supurrvisor Prancine McKitty

Domestic Longhair/Ragdoll

Meet Supurrvisor Prancine McKitty

Supurrvisor Prancine McKitty is a Southern California black cat with career aspirations of becoming as famous as P-22. She would like to be photographed walking along the mountains below the Hollywood sign, and her photo on Library cards too. Proving to all blacks cats, that black is beautiful.

Facts About Me
  • Age 12
  • Nicknames Pranie, Praniekins, Mama, My Girl.
  • Dislikes Salmon, loud noises, the rain.
  • Foods Tuna, Trout, White Fish and Shrimp Fancy Feast and Sheba. Shrimp Temptations cookies.
  • Pastimes Laying on cars, especially black cars. Playing with crows. Greeting me like it's the first time every time with love, pets, and tummy rubs. Being photographed like the glamorous big cat she is.
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