Sweetie & Garfield

Bengal & Orange Tabby

Meet Sweetie & Garfield

"Please go to sleep baby, your Mama needs her beauty sleep" Sweetie is a Bengal, she is a beloved & loyal cat.  She sleeps right next to me every night.  She chrips instead of meowing.  Her fur is so beautiful & soft.  Garfield is a sweet, loving and funny cat, who loves to go outside in the evening with my son & I for his supervised playtime.  He still purrs very loudly & very often.  

Facts About Me
  • Age Sweetie age 2 & Garfield age 1
  • Nicknames Sweetie Pie & Garfield the Lion King
  • Dislikes The doorbell, being ignored, not being loved on, humans working on computers & rainy cold days.
  • Foods Whiskas, Cat treats, catnip, tuna, and salmon.
  • Pastimes Sleepy, cuddling, playing with their toys, watching birds, cleaning each other, purring, pretending they are large hunting cats.
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