The Beast

Mixed breed

Meet The Beast

The Beast is my five year old son\'s cat. She loves her boy and sleeps with him nearly every night. She cannot get enough love and will follow you around during all of your chores begging attention. She never met a person she didn\'t want to beg cuddles from. She\'s sassy, loud when she wants you to notice she\'s feeling neglected, and wonderful with all three of our human children. She is very tolerant of their learning about gentleness.

Facts About Me
  • Age 1
  • Nicknames Beastie, da Beast!, der floofin
  • Dislikes Baths, wet feet, being ignored
  • Foods Cheesecake, pizza, steak
  • Pastimes Stealing snacks of your food, being held and cuddled like a baby, cuddling, curling up for a long night\'s sleep with her human boy.
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