American Shorttail

Meet Tommy

Tommy is the best cat in the world. He is 11 years old but loves to play and be active. He also loves his sleep! He thinks he is a human sometimes. He will take your food off your plate, sit in the last seat left on the couch, and even jump into the shower for a lick from the faucet. He is so loving and is definately a charmer!Everyone loves little Tomcat !

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames tomcat, thomas, thomas garfield (when he is in trouble), kitty
  • Dislikes anything sweet, wet food, cold (he likes to lay by the heater)
  • Foods american cheese, pancakes, potato chips (herrs only! lol), cereal (preferably lucky charms)
  • Pastimes snoozing, playing with socks, eating human food, watching TV
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  • So cute!
  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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