Sphynx/Hairless Cat

Meet Trixie

Trixie is (11) yrs old in human years. She has acquired many human-like gestures over the yrs such as sleeping w/her arm stretched out, snoring, & eating @ the same time as I do. She even winks @ me everytime I say, “I love you”! Trixie is my “companion” in life. I’m grateful God chose ME to be her “Cat Mom”. I couldn’t have asked for a better “Daughter”.

Facts About Me
  • Age 11
  • Nicknames Trxie Girl / Cuca / Mama
  • Dislikes Insects (in particular spiders)
  • Foods Friskies (both wet & dry) / Purina Cat Chow (dry) /
  • Pastimes Meowing/complaining why I was getting home late from work!
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