Tweeder Graham

American Shorthair

Meet Tweeder Graham

Tweeder is a fun loving nut! He has the sweetest soul ever! He is a protector, a comedian, and very clever! He likes opening doors with the door know, he also loves pulling drawers open and digging inside. He loves birds, squirrels, raccoons and my lizard. When he gets in his yellow life jacket he loves to try and catch fish by the waters edge. He is a ham, but he is also my heart and soul, and has taught me so much!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 and a half
  • Nicknames Tweedles, Tweeder Tots, Tweeder man, Monkey man, "T" and occasionally "The Fuzzman"
  • Dislikes People in his home he doesn't know, bugs.
  • Foods Raw Bold Turkey, PRO Plan Indoor Turkey Dry, Temptations, and sliced turkey from the deli. Occasionally Cheetos
  • Pastimes Sleeping and playing, running around like a Bullet blazing fire
Cats Like Me
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