Venusia, aka Kitty Boo

Oriental Siamese

Meet Venusia, aka Kitty Boo

Hi! My name is Venusian Death Cell and I’m an Oriental Siamese enchantress. I charm, torment and retrieve. My human mommy calls me Kitty Boo, but you can call me simply Pest. Mind: I am no ordinary cat. I’m a cat/rat/bat, a furry purring Princess, an alien with power to transform in other animals and a vocabulary that would shame many a puss around the globe.

Facts About Me
  • Age 11 months
  • Nicknames Kitty Boo, Pest, Raccoon, Bambina Pelosa
  • Dislikes Strangers, water, when human parent's go away
  • Foods Spicy chicken and peas
  • Pastimes Retrieve toys and/or drag them up the stairs, even if it's a ball tree with pedestal!
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