Violet & Jewel


Meet Violet & Jewel

Violet (the white cat) and Jewel (the grey cat) are both sisters. Jewel being the runt of the litter (and the only grey one) is always looked after by her big sister Violet. Although they do get in to sister fights every once and a while, they all ways make up and get back to cuddling!

Facts About Me
  • Age Violet: 2 years & Jewel: 2 years
  • Nicknames Fluffkins, bubble cheeks, sugar plum, gumdrop
  • Dislikes Violet: loud noises, being picked up for to long, being pet when she doesn't feel like it. Jewel: not getting attention, when guest come over.
  • Foods Blue buffalo chicken flavored cat food and treats
  • Pastimes Violet: looking out the window, playing, running around. Jewel: sleeping, scratching furniture, meowing.
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