Meet Zeus

I’m a playful, fearless and funny kitty, love to pop out of bags and boxes to play tag you’re it. I hop on the toilet every morning for a brushing by my meowmy because I’m also a diva I’m told. I am very social and greet everyone at the door. I love boxes especially and have never found one I can’t seem to fit into one way or another. Oh and I occasionally give toes a love nibble. My favourite sleeping place is in front of a warm fireplace ? Isn’t that everyone’s favourite spot? ?

Facts About Me
  • Age 1.5 yrs
  • Nicknames Mimi, baby zuzu
  • Dislikes Squirrels, empty food dishes,
  • Foods Dried cat food purina and Iams wet
  • Pastimes Chasing butterflies and squirrels in backyard
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