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Meet Frappy MooMoo

Jen Rosant & Mindy Louro Cliffwood Beach NJ

Frappy Moo Moo is our 6 month old kitten that my 2 1/2 year old son Travis wanted to adopt (and named) from our local shelter. He is a mischievous and brave little guy who loves his Bulldog sister Elli.. This picture was taken after a good game of chase they so frequently love to do with eachother. Nothing like a rest in the warm sunlight! 

6 months
Frap, FrappyMoo
His Bulldog sister, drinking from the fish bowl, heights, playing chase or fetch!
The Vacuum and getting his nails trimmed.
Favorite Foods
Anything!!! He will try to eat anything even off your plate!
Favorite Pastimes
Wearing his Ninja turtle t-shirt!

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