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Meet Cheeto Mosquito

The Domestic Medium Hair
Breanna Shanks Fort Wayne, Indiana

My boyfriend and I adopted Cheeto from a shelter in Fort Wayne, Indiana when he was only 8 weeks old. As soon we walked into the "cat room" at the shelter, Cheeto (formerly known as Curious George) crawled right up my boyfriend's pant leg and curled up in his arms. He picked US! In the two short years that we have had Cheeto Mosquito, he has brought an unimaginable amount of joy into our lives!

Cheet, Cheet Cheet, Skeeto, Skeeter, Cheat Sheet, Puppy, Pumpkin Face,
Blanket forts, Climbing the wall, Candy, Kisses, Going on walks, Meerkatting, Heated Blankets
Belly rubs lasting longer than 4 seconds, Human food, cold weather, thunderstorms
Favorite Foods
Salmon, Tuna, and a few licks of candy every once in a while
Favorite Pastimes
Running up and down the hallway as fast as he can, bird watching, following his humans everywhere, sleeping (duh)

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