Longhair Torti

Meet Beauty

Beauty and her brother were 4 weeks old & birthday presents from my late husband in 1996.  I carried her in my bra for weeks. Then on my shoulders for months. She loved kissing me on the lips & would do so with and without asking. Beau shared my pillow for 19 1/2 years & had to always see my face. It would upset her when I cried. We saw each other through the loss of her brother at 10 yrs, the loss of my mother & then my husband. Beau went to see them in Nov.. 

Facts About Me
  • Age 19 years and 6 months
  • Nicknames Boo, Booty-full girl, Gorgeous, Sweet Thing, Momma's baby
  • Dislikes being moved to make the bed, flea meds, pills
  • Foods alfredo chicken, vanilla yogurt, pudding or ice cream, seafood can food
  • Pastimes letting mom hold her
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