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Meet Venny-Boo

The Maine Coon / DMH Mix (Black / Black Smoke)
Hayley Blank Georgina, ON

A month after my mom and I had begun volunteering at the local animal shelter, a kind lady came into the shelter carrying a large cardboard box. Inside were two, teeny-tiny week old kittens. The lady said that she and her friend had been walking her dog when the dog suddenly pulled her into the ditch, straight towards a plastic bag. She decided to investigate to see why her dog was so interested in this bag and when she opened it, she was shocked to find two baby kittens inside. I owe the wor

Ven, Venny, Venture
Venny-Boo’s most favorite thing in the entire world is cat grass! He also loves hair scrunchies, being petted and being groomed, spending time with his "adopted" furry brothers and sister, being cuddled, being with me and playing with catnip toys!
Santa Claus's beard.
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo dry food, Friskies can food, Temptations kitty treats, buttered crescents, cream cheese, and cat grass!!!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping under the covers, cuddling up with his best friends, watching TV first thing in the morning or late at night, while being petted or groomed. Chasing after lots and lots of hair scrunchies! Eating lots of cat grass and rolling in catnip!

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