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Meet Fidget

The Somali mix
Margaret Morneau Roseville, CA

Fidget is one chill dude!  He, of course, rules the neighborhood and the birds know it.  He has cleared all of the houses in our area of mice and other vermin and is welcome in many yards because of it.  He's a celeb amongst the neighbor kids who follow him around and take his picture all the while yelling "Fidget, over here".  He loves to follow us on our daily dog walk and even follows the neighbor lady and her Chihuahua (we think he thinks it's a large

Fidge, Mr. Fidget, His Royal Highness
to eat birds, bacon, to sleep, to be carried and to jump
his sleep distrubed
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Fidge likes to follow our dog Snoopy on his walk!

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