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Meet Bug

The Short hair calico tortoise
Carolyn Vause Clinton
We rescued Bug last June from an SPCA. She had lived most of her life in a cage and was very afraid of people. She had been adopted and brought back twice due to her lack of interaction. When I saw that face and heard her history, we knew she was the one we wanted. Outcome didn't matter, we just knew she needed somewhere she could be loved. She has come out of her shell quite and continues to make progress. She has finally found a home who loves and accepts her the way she is.
2 yrs
Buggy Bug
playing with her sister cats, loves being brushed
Still doesn't like people she's not familiar with, but is very curious when someone new comes in.
Favorite Foods
Fussie Cat, beef jerky on occasion
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, looking out the window, and love to eat

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