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Meet Butternuts

The Orange Tabby, Hemingway
Nick and Tiffany Chattanooga
Butternuts is a polydactyl cat with 8 and 7 toes on his front paws and extra digits on the back as well. He was a rescue kitty who essentially picked my husband to go home with. He stood up on his back legs and reached his paws up in the air. Once he wrapped his paws around my husbands neck he wouldn’t let go. Butternuts really is the sweetest animal we have ever known. ️
13 years
Sneezertons, Nuts of Butter
Butternuts LOVES his brother, Hemi and tolerates his sister, Tabby Also Laying on mom and dad
Having his nose wiped which we have to do often.
Favorite Foods
Tuna and Ice Cream, but not together.
Favorite Pastimes
He loves to be carried around like a baby. Also sleeping in the sun, and talking loudly

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