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Meet Fiona

The Mixed
Jewel Katz Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin.

Fiona is a 6 month old female kitten. She is gray with some noticable stripes on her tail. She is gorgeous with her pure white chest and facial markings. Her four paws and belly also have the white color.  Her eyes are greenish and close set. Her nose is pink with a black stripe.  Fiona is friendly, smart and purrs when held.  Her nicknames are Princess and Fee Fee. Fiona is very photogenic, the camera loves her.




6 months
Princess, Fee Fee.
Food, kitty treats, milk rings, feathers on a stick, and cat turbo.
Loud noises
Favorite Foods
Meat. Tuna. Kitten chow.
Favorite Pastimes
playing, chasing fur siblings, snow exploration, kitty treat chasing.

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